Wendy collected her first swarm of bees! She already has two hives of honey bees here but had never yet been called to help with a swarm. They behaved beautifully, scooped off the fence-post into a big card-board box. This was left carefully nearby to enable all bees to find their way to the precious Queen, flying and crawling bees signalled inwards by the workers offering pheromone directions, wafted enthusiastically by whirring wings as they stood in formation, pointing in to the box: FANTASTIC sight!

We have received the wonderful news of two donkeys ready for us to foster from the Donkey Sanctuary: none other than Joey and Shankydd, who have already made an amazing appearance on the Paul O’Grady show in May.

Our Pretty Field is full of flowers including patches of Pyramidal Orchid & some Bee Orchids too.