Read what some of our previous visitors thought;

“Visiting the farm as part of The Inspiration Programme, the young people from year 6 to year 8 have been able to enhance and develop their knowledge and understanding of their community and environment as well as health and wellbeing. This has an impact on their ability to think about their own overall health and the environment.”

Tracy, The Inspiration Programme Manager at Action 4 Youth, October 2021

“The guided tour at Open Farm Sunday was fantastic. Informative, educational, fascinating and easy to listen to.”

“What was the best part of Open Farm Sunday? So many things to mention! The many animals, the country environment, genuine friendliness of the farm hosts, the pizza and burgers. Just a brilliant afternoon.”

Quotes from visitors to Open Farm Sunday, June 2021

“I come here because of the country atmosphere, the sheer noise, and ambience of a farm, a real old fashioned farm land. It lifts the soul. It does me a lot of good.”

“I like mixing with like-minded individuals and getting out into the countryside…I love the fresh air and the atmosphere.”

“The activities are a lot of fun, whether it’s a planned walk, sausage making or woodturning… there’s always lots to do.”

“Knowing that my husband is coming here is really very helpful to me because it means that I can relax knowing that he is being looked after and he’s enjoying himself.”

Quotes from our Countrymen, Summer 2021

“The day was the highlight of the school year for our pupils”

Mr Stringer, Deputy Head Lyndhurst House School, March 2013

“Thank you so much for such a lovely visit today, you gave us such a warm welcome and the farm is wonderful. X doesn’t show his emotions much and we often get comments like “he doesn’t look too happy” or “cheer up” but he takes everything in and when he got home told my husband about all the things he saw, which is very unusual for him to offer information without being asked.”

Mrs B, Autumn 2014

“The cows were very large, I was a little scared of them at first until I found out how old they were. They were younger than me! I hope I never get that big!”

Ella, local church Sunday School, Spring 2014