For Care Farming, people facing various challenges may join us for the day (10am to 3pm) or half day (10am to 12.45pm or 1pm to 3pm as suits) to be involved in various activities around the farm.

Teenagers and adults with learning disabilities particularly benefit from involvement here, and we also welcome those with physical and mental challenges. We have excellent toilet and hand washing facilities including an adult hoist and changing table. All visits are pre-booked; please contact us if a disabled family member would like to attend with the whole family for a one-off special activity outing. Contact us by phoning 01494 862413 or email us an enquiry form, so we can then arrange a taster visit as needed.

The social healthcare system in the UK is becoming more “personalised” so that certain individuals have a “personal budget”, deciding from their own interests, perhaps with the help of others, what kind of health care and therapy to access. For people who do not have these budgets, sometimes grants may be available to help.

If you’re interested in attending (or responsible for someone with a strong interest), please fill in an enquiry form. We have a more detailed referral/ application form to ensure everyone including our animals are safe, but you may want to wait until we’ve responded to your first enquiry before you fill this in.

Health and safety is important to us : we have numerous written policies which we review and adhere to; Staff and volunteers are DBS checked and we avoid one to one settings as far as is possible.