Farmer David Knight looks after 100Ha (250acres) of land with grassland, woodland, hedgerows, arable and livestock to manage and maintain. Road Farm is nestled at the head of the Misbourne Valley between Great Missenden and Wendover.

There’s a herd of 200 plus ewes, a suckler herd of  cows (these look after their calves until about nine months old), an assortment of laying poultry including Golden Comets and Marsh Daisy hens and some Quail.

We have several dogs and two helpful donkeys which we’ve fostered from The Donkey Sanctuary.

Some of our more characterful animals have names eg. Ginger the Hen, Joey and Shankydd the Donkeys and our growing herd of goats including Mary Berry, Raspberry, Blueberry and Morning.

The farm is in the national Higher Level Stewardship scheme which recognises constant, careful work to preserve and enhance our natural wild environment.