Team Building / Team Events for CSR

Perhaps your business would be interested in an alternative team building exercise? We can provide a task for you to scrutinise and complete, then you may wish to do some outdoor cooking, archery or targets, or help us with a larger bespoke farming related project. Examples could include laying path, building animal shelters, planting orchard tree stock. Together we can work with you to come up with bespoke outdoor activities to help your team work together and think differently, while helping our social enterprise.

Contact us with your requirements.


We also welcome sponsorship (or donation) of items which we need on a regular basis such as Hygiene solutions (soap, paper towels); overalls; spare wellies; gloves; hand tools; animal care items and more.

If you feel able to help on a larger scale with signage/publicity or contribute towards other larger projects, we’d be delighted! Visit our Helping Us page for more details.