To everyone who has helped us fundraise for Terrific Toilet Transformations: we have been offered a grant by the HS2 Community Fund to finally get on and do it !

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Santa Success!

HUGE congratulations to Kieran and family for completing the Marlow Santa Fun Run on 3rd December.  We are so proud of them and grateful for fundraising for us: on the day of the race they had raised £265, which was 88% of their target £300.  Do please help them reach their milestone if you can! [button [...]

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Santa’s Fun Run

One of our regular Farm Helpers and his family are participating in Marlow’s Annual Santa Fun Run to kindly fundraise for Road Farm Countryways facility improvements. Such energetic commitment is fantastic and deserves keen support so please do sponsor them. KW is 21 years old, first started coming to the farm back in October 2015 [...]

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Countryways Kitchen

Massive thanks to the Rothschild Foundation for enabling us to install a beautiful kitchen in the former sheep Dairy Barn. This means we can do Field-to Fork cookery with our vulnerable young adults and encourage them to taste new things, even master some simple cooking techniques, all steps towards greater independence. We’re just finishing the [...]

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Turkey Homes

Peachcroft Farm kindly donated some young turkey poults in July, which spent their first month in the stable. They are absolutely lovely birds, make a glorious vocabulary of noises and are incredibly steady and calm, not to mention vastly grown in 4 months! They’ll be kept beyond Christmas for enjoyment, education and egg laying purposes. [...]

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Wheels to Explore: thanks and development

We’re so grateful to some very special contributions towards our Wheels to Explore Project to buy an All-Terrain Wheel-chair for use on the Farm and locally. Prestwood Area Community Transport kindly donated £2000, with a further £170 raised by a raffle which took place at their annual Afternoon Tea event for local people who rely [...]

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Summer 17 Visits

The donkeys enjoyed their annual visit to Bartletts Care Home and delighted residents by going inside to the brand new lounge area; thankfully no tea trolleys were knocked over or “deposits” made! We provided Archery and Mini Crossbow Target shooting at our local wonderful Lee Flower Show (introduced by Arthur Liberty in 1892). Wendy gave [...]

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