We’re so grateful to some very special contributions towards our Wheels to Explore Project to buy an All-Terrain Wheel-chair for use on the Farm and locally. Prestwood Area Community Transport kindly donated £2000, with a further £170 raised by a raffle which took place at their annual Afternoon Tea event for local people who rely on the Community Transport, at which Wendy gave a short presentation. The Tesco Bags of Help scheme voting at Princes Risborough raised £2000, so we could purchase a manual Trekinetic chair, but we know that a chair with the option for powered propulsion would give much more options for enjoyment, so we are holding out for more! Thanks to “Beyond the Boundaries wheelchairs”, we borrowed a manual chair over the October Half term to try out with various people and found it very helpful! Huge thanks also to Julie Dean and family who proved on Open Farm Sunday that she could tour the whole farm in her Trekinetic!