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After a very different and challenging year, we look back at what amazing resilience, adaptability, community-spirit, love and support that we, at the farm, have witnessed. We would like to extend a big heartfelt thank you to all of you who support us. Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to more fun at the farm in the New Year.

Please enjoy our winter newsletter and our round up of the year, which you can download below.

Road Farm Countryways Winter newsletter

2020 Road Farm Countryways Year Round Up


Christmas Gifts & Wreaths

This year our Farm Helpers have been busy gathering foliage and greenery that grows abundantly around the farm. And, our elf-like volunteers transformed that bounty into stunning Christmas wreaths. The proceeds from the sale of these wreaths went straight back into the programmes of support delivered at Road Farm Countryways CIC.

In addition, our talented Farm Helpers were responsible for helping craft other trinkets and farm-made gifts such as  wood-turned trees to baler twine bobbins, and wellie-offers to delicately carved wooden pens which went to market at Lindengate and other local fairs.